Mission Statement

The mission of The Displaced Thespians is to create opportunities for community participation in enriching theatrical experiences. Our focus is on inclusion and quality, giving the public a well-balanced theatrical season, and striving to meet with excellence all of the demands placed on a community theatre.
     DPT will accomplish its mission by:
     A. Producing theatrical productions of high artistic quality each year, featuring works by local playwrights when possible to increase community inclusion;
     B. Increasing the theatre's impact on and service to the community including but not limited to volunteering with local children in an artistic capacity; and

    C. Encouraging collaborations with various organizations that are innovative, effective and mutually beneficial.

    D. Providing opportunities for those who create the theatrical experience to express their art, entertain an audience, and receive the appreciation their efforts deserve, regardless of level of theatrical experience.

     E. Providing entertainment, in unique and intimate settings, that foster an appreciation for the arts.

    F. Fostering an enthusiastic, respected and hard-working corps of individuals who serve as staff, volunteers and Board members.

    G. Providing those with want to learn with opportunities to experience both front of house and back of house performance experience.

     H. Generating the necessary resources and efficiently managing those resources in support of the aforementioned goals.