Meet the Thespians

Lacy Rae Cochran

Lacy is an actor / writer / director from the Belle Vernon, PA area, and a founding member of The Displaced Thespians. When not on our stage, you can frequently find her performing with her band or hanging out with her cat. Lacy boasts a repertoire of original dinner theater content in addition to years on the stage and behind the scenes. She is very proud of the Thespians, and can't wait for you to have fun on the journey with her!

Dannielle Seanor

Dannielle is a 25 year theater veteran and a founding member of The Displaced Thespians. Raised in Western Pennsylvania and transplanted to Colorado, she calls Grand Junction home. In her spare time she enjoys just being with friends and family. Her goal is to bring the love of theater to everyone everywhere - DPT style!

Mark Harris

Mark is a true renaissance man, and one of the founding members of The Displaced Thespians. Born and raised in the valley, he is never NOT performing! Whether it be on the Displaced stage, behind the scenes as a director, at the Renaissance festival, or with his band, you will never leave un-entertained! He is proud to join the Displaced Thespians in creating unique and incredible experiences.

Johnathan Lowrey

Still new to theater, Johnathan is a comedian at heart and a founding member of The Displaced Thespians. A full-time student, he balances his studies in the classroom with his studies on the stage to bring a smile to everyone around him! John is determined to find the best in everything he does, beginning with The Displaced Thespians! 

Tyler Stromberg

Tyler is proud to be a member of the Displaced Thespians. He has acted for several years from elementary to high school and beyond. In his spare time he volunteers at the Carnegie Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped recording audio books. He has one book completed and is in the process of finishing another. He looks forward to a bright future with the company!

Haley Kuehner

The youngest of our Thespians, Haley is ready to show the world that she is a force to be reckoned with! A full time student and equestrian, she primarily spends her time behind the scenes learning the finer points of stage direction and management. Haley is thrilled for the opportunity to bring a little Thespian to the Mon Valley area alongside her friends!

Sarah Brunner

Sarah is a local film, theater, and voice actress from Emsworth, PA with an associate’s degree in theatre. When she is not performing she can be found working with kids, cooking, or napping. It wasn’t until the recent passing of her grandmother that her fiery passion for theater was reignited. She firmly believes that the Displaced Thespians can bring a little of that light to others in the area.