About Us

From humble beginnings...

The Displaced Thespians began in February 2018 in a finished basement; armed with nothing but a dream, a hot glue gun, and a love for local theater. Backed by years of combined theatrical performances as individuals, professional experience,  and unwavering belief, a team of four friends set off to make some magic.

To New Opportunities...

They decided to create some the only way they knew how - by throwing on costumes and inviting people to join them as they made fools of themselves! What was once a few people lounging around reading Shakespeare for fun became a full-fledged production, with no signs of slowing down.

...To Happily Ever After!

What started as an idea quickly became a reality, and the Displaced Thespians were born! We are proud to work alongside actors from all over, hosting in venues around the area, making everywhere our home and everyone a Displaced Thespian!